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June 27, 2012:
K2 is still in the news despite original active ingredients being banned.


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The side effects of K2 are fairly undesirable, especially when you consider that the original ingredient JWH has been banned, so reformulated K2 comes with a variety of designer drug chemicals which may have even worse side effects that can't be accurately cataloged because the stuff that gets sprayed on the potpourri weeds this week is known only to the person who formulated the chemicals in whatever nondescript warehouse or shed people use to mix psychoactive drugs. Learn About K2 as a drug and why you may not want to try it out until you see how it affects your friends. Sure, that sounds a bit cynical, but it is better to be a cynic than to be dead because you thought a monster was chasing you and you jumped off a building, but then again kids do the darndest things.

About us pages normally don't get read, but if you've got this far, you can always buy this site if it showed up on search engines somewhere. There are many places where you can buy K2 online, both reputable and not reputable, but this site is devoted to information unless you would care to buy it over at SEDO.com.

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Special note: This site has one viewpoint. You should make educated guesses about what you put into your body, since you have to keep it for a long time. When you read news stories about people doing bizarre things after smoking K2, it stands to reason that these people represent only a small minority of users, but even so you wouldn't take the same chance with a bottle of aspirin if it turned 1% of its users into superstrong lunatics.