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June 28, 2012:
When trying K2, remember that you should not eat your neighbor's dog without permission, since that is a major party foul. More About JWH018, the active chemical added to herbal incense and sold as K2.


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What is K2? Where is K2 Sold?

New drug has more questions than answers

Sold as incence or "K2 herbal smoke" the drug K2 is touted as a legal alternative to cannabis. Because it is not intended for consumption, there are no age limits on buying K2, (or "Spice K2") and it is being purchased by everyone from teenagers to aging hippies. It is generally smoked with the same kind of smoking accessories used for non-legal products, and the cost of K2 is generally $30 to $40 per pack thanks to interest in this new drug. Oddly enough, there are some head shops that do not sell K2 online or in stores, since it does not qualify as organic due to the chemicals that have been added to it.

The chemical formula of the active ingredient, known as JWH-018, is a synthetic cannibinoid. Increased agitation and vomiting have been noted with this drug use, and the US army has banned its use by soldiers.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: No K2 (or "spice") is sold by way of this website. We do not advocate experimentation with any drug not prescribed by a doctor. In fact, with the crazy stories going around about Bath Salts, K2, and other odd drugs with names like Window Cleaner and Kratom, you might just want to save yourself some trouble and become a total square. Sure, you won't go around eating people's faces off, or smashing your car, or running down the street in your birthday suit, but you won't be spending a few years in prison for something you can't even remember doing.